Meet Laëtitia

Meet Laëtitia


Buenos Días, I’m Laëtitia.


Mother, friend and small business owner who was born in Paris, the city of lights.

I’m amazed to see how fast children are learning new things everyday and smart they are.

Why not learning Spanish from an early age?


I founded Spanish At Kindergarten, French At Kindergarten & English At Kindergarten to offer children the opportunities to excel and enjoy a fun and positive approach to language learning.

Laëtitia Spanish At Kindergarten

My Story

When I was in primary school, I wasn’t very good at school. I found school difficult and I lost confidence to achieve great things during my childhood. My self-esteem was gone and others could see it. I got bullied my entire childhood. The perfect package to never go back to school.

I finished school with my diploma and I got a job straight away but something was missing in my life. I always dreamed about travelling and learning English. I thought it was the key to open doors of opportunities. So, I stopped dreaming and I took actions.

I left Paris when I was 23 years old to work in the USA with children and it was an amazing experience. I left home with my years of English from school and when I arrived to New York, I realised that I could not speak or understand any words.

At that time, I finally understood why I didn’t succeed at school. I discovered my learning style and it changes my life.

I was a visual learner and I always received information through listening.

I started to research about learning styles and strategies to learn better and faster. I used visual learning strategies to learn English, I could speak well after 6 months and I was fluent 6 months later.

New opportunities started… My dreams came true… I travelled on 5 continents, visited 21 countries and lived few years in 4 countries.

Why Spanish At Kindergarten was created?

I founded Spanish At Kindergarten to offer an amazing chance for children to gain the keys to open doors of opportunities.

Australia is a beautiful and multicultural country, learning a foreign language become an asset for the future.

The Spanish Made Easy For Kids Program is designed to ensure that each child learns fast with their unique learning style and with valuable learning tools in playful activities.

I am passionate about languages and brain development. We all learn new things everyday for the rest of our lives and learning a language is one of the best exercise for the brain. I learned Spanish few years ago using my experience with English and now I can use my Spanish overseas.

I’m a mother of a 11 years old girl, she is my success in all ways. I feel so happy and proud to have my child speaking French fluently since she was 5 years old. Now, she is learning how to write and read French through my program and she is learning Spanish at school. Speaking French helps her to learn more languages. Her bilingualism helps her in so many ways with all the subjects.

I offered her, a chance for a lifetime to find opportunities worldwide.


My Testimonial

My daughter was always exposed to French Language since birth. We call it a simultaneous acquisition. But when she turned 3, she asked me to stop speaking French because she could not understand me, then she asked me to speak in English in front of her friends as she was embarrassed. I simply said NO, I won’t stop and I explained to her why. I knew her brain was collecting the information even with no sign of understanding. She always talked to me in English, I always said “I don’t understand”. She let go and made an effort to reply to me in French. Her brain got a switch after our trip to Paris, she was 5. Since, she is very proud to say that she is half French and speaks French.

Dreams come true with actions…

Thanks for reading! Laëtitia